Free training & Support

Yes, you are reading it right, we are offering free training about Matomo Analytics. Let’s first explain why we are doing it:

  • Matomo is a Free software released under the GPLv3 license, so it is a community project developed by people who believe in a better world. How can a trainer helps such a community? Well by releasing training courses and materials for free. This is my contribution to Matomo Analytics.
  • Matomo Analytics is covering a tiny part of analytics market shares, whereas it should be the most used tool. As a result even if companies are educating themselves about Matomo and sell trainings on top of it… there is still a huge market to cover.
  • Some people would like to learn about Matomo but they don’t have a budget for it, though they have time. We consider that if you have some will, you should be helped, that’s why we are offering self training based on Matomo.

What does a self training look like?

We are involved within 3 projects so far dealing with self training about Matomo Analytics:

  • FLOSS Marketing School: An English GAFAM free online school with no fees. You will learn there about Digital Analytics and Matomo Analytics.
  • A Matomo French MOOC: availabe through ZesteDeSavoir, a non-profit organization providing online MOOC.
  • One-hour training for free for non-profit organization: is a non-profit French organization which helps for free non-profit organization about digital. Each month we are offering one-hour of our time in order to help non-profit organizations about Matomo Analytics. If you are a non-profit organization, feel free to register on and you will have the chance to get one hour of training for free about Matomo Analytics.

What those self trainings do not include?

What costs money in training is the time that the instructor is having with you. As a result in a self training you are watching the videos, reading the materials and you are 100% on your own, no instructor will be here to answer your questions. Though a forum is available on the official Matomo website.
If you have a budget, please feel free to order any of the trainings we are offering on this website. If your budget or project does not correspond to what is offered, please get in contact with us and we will draft a custom training for you. There is always a solution to a problem